About Us

The democratic INDIA will be run by the political parties. And the policies will be decided by the politics, in which public will be involved mostly. Any policy impacting directly the common person will be framed by the so called politics only. Now politics are influencing by the Media. The Media which questioning the policies in favor of the public, which attacking the wrong things doing by Governments, which giving vast information useful to the people is really a fourth estate in the INDIA Now. We proudly saying that in that empowering and pioneering sector, SUSHEE MEDIA PVT LTD was entered and putting all its efforts to endeavor the public’s benefit. So many players in this field, still we are looking to play a vital and critical role on behalf of SUSHEE MEDIA PVT LTD. SUSHEE GROUP, which is a leader in any field, which is committed to clean image wants to play the same role in the media. There is no motiviation of earning profits in the media sector, but only committed to give service to the people, particularly telugu people. We have been established strong network in two telugu states as well as national capital delhi also. Any movement can be bring to your notice at any moment. Any problem of the public can be shown and tries to solve the problem bringing it to the Government notice. We will show our braveness in the exposing of the manipulators, who are in the cover of politics or business or anything else. We will stand for the cause of the public and the society at any time at any cost.